Care and Case Management Services Ltd (CCMS)


CCMS offers a distinct and specialised service for people of all ages recovering from acquired brain injury. The CCMS service is individually tailored to the needs of the service user and can offer:

  • Generic Brain Injury Case Management
  • Crisis/Intervention Case Management
  • Therapeutic Case Management
  • Preparation of Case Management Reports and Reviews
  • Co-ordination of Support, Care and Rehabilitation Programmes
  • Co-ordination and Management of Multi-Disciplinary Therapeutic Teams
  • Independent Assessment and Review of Case Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Expert Witness
  • Advocacy with Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts
  • Family Support
  • Consultation and Training to Legal Profession and Case Managers

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Range of Services Offered by CCMS:


CCMS also provides support in the community to children, young people and adults with acquired brain injury and their carers. All service users will have a Case Manager who in many cases, but not exclusively; will be from Care and Case Management Services Ltd. The Case Manager will be responsible for assessment of need and development of a Care Plan.


All support packages will be governed by an individual programme tailored to the need of the service user and arising from the Care Plan. The Support Worker/Carers will contribute towards the planning and implementation of the individual programme under the direction of the Case Manager.


The specific role of the Support Worker is to enable the service user to participate in every aspect of his/her individual programme and empower him/her to achieve his/her full potential by facilitating the development of skills necessary to aid recovery. The overall objective is to aid recovery by maximising opportunities in order to promote a good quality of life within the community.


The individual programme will be reviewed on a minimum of a 12 monthly basis and will feed into the review of the Care Plan and reassessment of need.