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Mentor Scheme

CCMS have now introduced a scheme that allows existing clients, both young people and adults, an opportunity to discuss with new clients, their own experiences of case management, the on-going processes and other services that may be involved with their support.


We believe that anyone, who has little to no understanding of what to expect if they instruct a Case Manager, would benefit from talking to someone who has been where they are now, understands it could be a scary place, what frustrations they may have and are happy to support them into their journey. Our existing clients, that have agreed and are excited about this opportunity, have been fully trained themselves and are supported to ensure that this is a positive and enlightening experience for both parties.


If you would like to discuss our new scheme further or understand more about the training we provide, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Manager, Julie Gardner on 01642 713720 or email her at